What makes a great soccer scout?

As athlead steps into its strategic alliance with Soccer Hub, we try and understand the nuances of good scouting.
We use this blog as a piece to understand the right attitude and skills that can definitely further any of your scouting careers.

Ability to gauge attitudes:

Great talent is often misconceived to be inborn, what’s really true is the attitude great athletes build from their childhood. One of the primary challenges a scout (and a coach for that matter) faces is identifying talent with the right attitude. And being mindful of players with the right talent but not the right attitude (and if that can changed for good). Finding a young athlete with the right attitude, even if their talent is not superior can yield to some extraordinary discoveries in sport.


While there isn’t a global standard in scouting education, platforms such as Soccer Hub should be considered first choice for all aspiring and present scouts to continuously improve. The honest way of developing a keen eye for the same is by spending more time and effort in analysing talent learning curve. Technology and connectivity todayare revolutionising every industry with an exponential rise in learning, and scouting should be no different.

More Football:

The beauty of football is in the diversity of playing styles it offers all over the world. A scout in the suburbs of Brazil would have a keen eye on talent coming from the futsal courts, as compared to one in England where technical and athletic superiority are considered higher. As a scout, the more football you watch, study and analyse within your demography, the more suited you become for that area. Having an in-depth understanding of multiple footballing cultures is always handy, however priority should be to focus on a specific region and mastering the requirements there.


While this is the most common answer for every career, it is important to understand how the right practice can make all the difference in scouting. The key challenge in scouting is to assess talent with maximum accuracy within the least amount of time. The honest way of developing a keen eye for the same is by spending more time and effort in analysing talent.


While most believe scouting to be about discovering the next Messi/Ronaldo, it goes much further than that. A competent scout lives to further talent in the sport, his mission is to find good athletes and push their case forward to better teams and a higher position in the society. Understanding the greater responsibility towards the sport and the community is pivotal for all scouts.
Together, athlead and Soccer Hub are dedicated in furthering talent in every demography, uplifting communities and bringing more opportunities for talent all across. Our alliance allows upcoming scouts to not only partner/work with athlead but also continuously polish their understanding of scouting.”

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