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confirmed speakers

Tony Waiters

President, NSCAC, Former Head Coach, Canadian Men’s National Team

João Tralhão

Former Assistant Coach at AS Monaco and Head Coach of SL Benfica U19

Stephen Hart

Head Coach, Halifax Wanderers Football Club, Canadian Premier League

Alf De Blasis

Owner, ADB Creative Consulting

Boris Kubla

Education Expert, Croatia Football Federation Academy.

John DeBenedictis

Executive Director, NSCAC; Author and Founder of the Golden Goal Scoring Course

Michael Findlay

Former Assistant Coach of the Canadian Men’s National Team

Paolo Pacione

Coordinator of Performance, Club America, Liga MX Mexico

Peyvand Mossavat

Head Coach, Ontario Tech University Ridgebacks Men’s and Women’s Soccer Teams

Luis Viegas

Analyst and chief scout at Bangkok United

Richard Bucciarelli

Director of Sport Science, NSCAC, Owner of Soccer Fitness Inc.

Paul Dolan

Soccer Analyst, Former Goalkeeper, Canadian Men’s National Team

Luis Mesquita

Co-owner: The Peak; Former Strength and Conditioning Coah at the Chinese FA

Frank Iaizzo

Technical Director, International FC Academy

Rafael Carbajal

Former Assistant Coach, Canadian Men’s National Team

Vanessa Martinez-Lagunas

Head Coach, University of Manitoba Bison Women’s Soccer Team

Farzad Yousefian

Performance Analyst/Sport Scientist, Owner of Sport Performance Analytics Inc.

Ricardo Balbeira

Expert in Soccer Coaching Education, Soccer HUB CEO

Luis Vilar

Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences - European University

Ramin Mohammadi

Director of Soccer Development at Pickering Soccer Club

António Figueiredo

Dean of the Sports Faculty - University of Coimbra

Carmelina Moscato

Commissioner, Women’s Soccer, League 1 Ontario, Former Canadian Women’s National Team Member

Alex Nurse

Strength and Conditioning Coach, Owner of Axis Performance Centre

Barry Gorman

Former Head Coach, Penn State Nittany Lions Men’s Varsity Soccer Team

Ian Barker

Director of Coaching Education, United Soccer Coaches

Karl Dewazien

Emeritus State Director of Coaching, California Youth Soccer Association

João Aroso

Soccer Coach, former Assistant Coach of the Portuguese Men's National Team

Gregory Haille Petiot

Coach/Sport Scientist, Owner of Game Shaping Inc.

Kosmas Mouratidis

Director of Coaching and Education, NSCAC

Tony La Ferrara

Technical Director, NSCAC, Technical Coach, Whitby Soccer Club

Joaquim Rolão Preto

Technical Director, Luis Figo Football Academy China

Valerio Rocca

Membership Director, NSCAC, Owner of Soccer School of Excellence 90

Rui Oliveira

Former Scout and Youth Level Coach at SL Benfica

Jay Bhindi

Former Academy Coach/Interim First Team Analyst Ottawa Fury FC, Team/Opposition Analyst Austin Bold FC.

Jeffrey Tipping

Former Director of Coaching, National Soccer Coaches Association of America

Gabriella Trichilo

Regional Manager of Player Development, Ontario Soccer

Derek Salvador

Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, York 9FC (Canadian Premier League)

Bassam Naim

Director, ANB Futbol Academy

Todd Beane

Founder of TOVO Institute and TOVO Academy Barcelona

Tosh Farrell

Former Youth Academy Technical Director, Everton Football Club (Liverpool, England)

Oliver Gage

Head of On-Field Performance & Recruitment at Canadian Premier League

Dan Gaspar

Former Assistant Coach, Team Coordinator and Goalkeeper Coach, Iran Men’s National Team

Carolina Morace

Head Coach of AC Milan Women. Former Canadian Women National Team Coach.

Darren Tilley

Technical Director at Cambridge Youth Soccer

Jurgen Pforr

General Secretary of AEFCA and vice-president of the German Coaches Association

Joey Lombardi

Regional coach with the Ontario Soccer Association

Ricardo Duarte

Soccer Coach and University Teacher at FMH - Portugal

Mike Rocca

Managing Partner at Rated Sports and Head of North America’s premier showcase tournaments

2019 Program

november 11

12:00 – 12:45pm (EDT)

State of the Game in North America 1: Is Pay-To-Play the Best Model?

  • Peyvand Mossavat
  • Ramin Mohammadi

Moderated by: Richard Bucciarelli

1:00 – 1:45pm (EDT)

State of the Game in North America 2: How Can We Strike a Balance Between Development and Winning?

  • Frank Iaizzo
  • Ian Barker
  • Rafael Carbajal

Moderated by: John DeBenedictis

2:00 – 2:45pm (EDT)

State of the Game in North America 3: Women's Soccer: Are we doing enough to promote gender equity among players and coaches?

  • Carmelina Moscato
  • Vanessa Martinez
  • Gabriella Trichilo

Moderated by: Valerio Rocca

3:00 – 3:45pm (EDT)

Tactical, Technical and Physical Periodization of Training and how it Applies to Soccer

  • João Tralhão
  • Jay Bhindi

Moderated by: Richard Bucciarelli

november 12

12:00 – 12:45pm (EDT)

University Soccer - should Canadian players aim to play in Canada or in the United States?

  • Peyvand Mossavat
  • Frank Iaizzo

Moderated by: Kosmas Mouratidis

1:00 – 1:45pm (EDT)

Youth Development: What is the Best Way to Scout and Identify Talented Youth Players?

  • António Figueiredo
  • Barry Gorman
  • Bassam Naim

Moderated by: Luis Vilar

2:00 – 2:45pm (EDT)

The Inner Game of the Goalkeeper

  • Paul Dolan
  • Tony Waiters
  • Dan Gaspar

Moderated by: John DeBenedictis

3:00 – 3:45pm (EDT)

Planning Physical Training in the North American Soccer Season.

  • Paolo Pacione
  • Derek Salvador

Moderated by: Richard Bucciarelli

november 13

12:00 – 12:45pm (EDT)

Can We Really Make Players Faster - and if so, HOW?

  • Alex Nurse
  • Luis Mesquita

Moderated by: Richard Bucciarelli​

1:00 – 1:45pm (EDT)

Match Analysis: Practical Solutions for the Average Youth Coach.

  • Karl Dewazien
  • Oliver Gage

Moderated by: Farzad Yousefian

2:00 – 2:45pm (EDT)

Goal Scoring: Secrets to score more goals, more often.

  • Darren Tilley
  • Kosmas Mouratidis

Moderated by: John DeBenedictis

3:00 – 3:45pm (EDT)

Coach Education: How to Decide Which Option is Best?

  • Tony Waiters
  • Todd Beane
  • Jurgen Pforr

Moderated by: Ricardo Balbeira

november 14

12:00 – 12:45pm (EDT)

Attacking Topic 1: Training Your Team to Counter-Attack.

  • Tosh Farrell
  • Joey Lombardi
  • Ricardo Duarte

Moderated by: Valerio Rocca

1:00 – 1:45pm (EDT)

Attacking Topic 2: Training to Build and Maintain Possession.

  • Peyvand Mossavat
  • João Aroso
  • Tosh Farrell

Moderated by: Tony La Ferrara

2:00 – 2:45pm (EDT)

Defending Topic 1: How to Play Against the Counter-Attacking Team.

  • Tony LaFerrara
  • Valerio Rocca
  • Tony Waiters

Moderated by: Gregory Haille Petiot

3:00 – 3:45pm (EDT)

Defending Topic 2: Defending Against a Possession Based Team.

  • Jay Bhindi
  • Jeffrey Tipping

Moderated by: Kosmas Mouratidis

november 15

12:00 – 12:45pm (EDT)

Youth Soccer: Where Do I Begin When Planning My Training Session?

  • Ian Barker
  • Karl Dewazien

Moderated by: Tony La Ferrara

1:00 – 1:45pm (EDT)

Youth Development: What Can We Learn from the Portuguese?

  • Rui Reis
  • Rui Oliveira
  • Joaquim Preto

Moderated by: Ricardo Balbeira

2:00 – 2:45pm (EDT)

Professional Soccer: Thoughts on the new Canadian Premier League.

  • Stephen Hart
  • Michael Findlay

Moderated by: Kosmas Mouratidis

3:00 – 3:45pm (EDT)

Wrap-Up: What Does the Future Look Like for the Canadian Men's and Women's National Teams?

  • Michael Findlay
  • Alf DeBlasis
  • Carolina Morace

Moderated by: Tony Waiters

“Soccer HUB is very happy to join forces with the National Soccer Coaches Association of Canada to promote the biggest event of this kind in Canada! We know that the Canadian Coaches are eager to get state-of-art content and we are much honored to provide that. It will a full week with top speakers, relevant subjects in a format that will allow everyone to watch. Join us in this outstanding online event! ”
Ricardo Balbeira
Soccer HUB’s CEO
“The National Soccer Coaches Association of Canada continues to strive to connect Canadian soccer coaches across the country, providing programs and services to help educate and strengthen their knowledge base and practical experience, in order to help them better serve their players and the Canadian soccer community. In keeping with this objective, we are excited to launch, for the first time ever in Canada, the NSCAC and Soccer HUB Online Summit, providing a platform for Canadian soccer coaches to connect with and learn from their peers and colleagues both here in Canada, as well as around the world.”
Tony Wayters
NSCAC President

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